PSP News July 2022

Answer July—
Where is the Bee—
Where is the Blush—
Where is the Hay? Ah, said July
— Emily Dickinson

Walking Talking Writing

6 morning walks by Glasgow’s River Kelvin
with Sukhema (aka Larry Butler)

What I take with me, what I leave behind, are of less importance than what I discover along the way.
from In Praise of Walking by Thomas A. Clark

Friday 5th August 10:30am to 12:30 Dawsholm Park
Saturday 13th August 10:30am to 12:30 Ha’Penny Bridge
Saturday 27th August 10:30 to 12:30 Dawsholm Park
Friday 2nd September 10:30 to 12:30 Kibble Palace
Saturday 10th September 10:30 to 12:30 Ha’Penny Bridge
Friday 16th September 10:30 to 12:30 Kibble Palace

For each walk, we’ll be stopping to write, read and talk along the way about what we feel, see, hear, smell, even taste. Please bring writing material & your imagination. (And dress for the weather!)

All walks start at 10.30 and last about two hours. They are free, but please book via Eventbrite using the links above.

We live as we move, a step at a time, and there is something in gentle walking that reminds me of how I must live if I am to save this life that I have been given.
from Walking in the World by Julia Cameron

Living Our Dying Workshops

8 weekly workshops for people living in the Glasgow area,
partly based on the book Living Our Dying

Thursdays 15 September to 3 November, 13.30-15.30,
Kibble Palace, Glasgow Botanic Gardens

“I love this book – it will not only help you die a good death, it will strengthen you to live a good life.”
Richard Holloway


Living Our Dying – both the book and these workshops – have evolved from the Die-a-log groups. The first Die-a-log group started in Glasgow over ten years ago. and has spawned twelve other groups: Edinburgh, Reading, London, Dorset. Caring talk, reflections, inspirations, resources, practical information, and news about death and dying, sharing and giving compassionate support, guidance and encouragement dealing with all aspects of death and dying. Our talk is serious but light-hearted, starting with the “die-a-log” name. Our topics are wide-ranging from a life-threatening diagnosis, loss of a country through forced immigration, ending of a relationship, the death of a pet, to sudden unexpected disability.

The most important feature is kindly warmth and respect that gives permission to talk about things that many people regard as taboo and to say what we want. Poems about death and dying can be a way of dealing sensitively with people who are searching for a way of coping with the death of a loved one. Poetry about death is often able to express the painful emotions of grief and loss, and thus assist the bereaved to cope with the situation.

What to expect?

• sharing personal stories, poetry and reflection in an atmosphere of trust, respect and confidentiality
• keeping a journal for guided writing prompts and suggestions for writing at home
• reading and gleaning ideas from the book Living Our Dying a listen to the writers here.
• developing skills in compassionate communication
• people attending the workshops will be living in Glasgow and will be posted a copy of Living Our Dying.
• two Living Our Dying writers will be invited to contribute to the workshops
• the option of the workshops continuing as a self-directed support group


Sukhema (Larry Butler) teaches tai-chi in healthcare settings and leads creative words for wellbeing groups. His publications include Butterfly Bones (Two Ravens), Arts on Prescription (feasibility research paper for the Greater Glasgow Health Board) and Better Health for Men (a research project for the Health Education Board for Scotland). Larry edits books and pamphlets for PlaySpace Publications. He is a co-founder of the Glasgow-based Die-a-log group

How to apply

Places are free but are limited to eight participants – priority will be given to people living in Glasgow who can attend all eight workshops. The workshops will be held in the Glasgow Botanic Gardens – South wing of the Kibble Palace.

To apply please e-mail by Thursday 1 September with your name, contact details including post code, and a note of what you hope to gain from these workshops.

If you have any queries please e-mail us at the address above.

The Earth is Our Home

Poems from Scotland – compiled by Gerry Loose

expected launch in August

Even when you take to the woods,
you’re taking political steps
on political grounds.
Apolitical poems are also political,
and above all shines a moon
no longer purely lunar.
—Wisława Szymborska

From a long look at the deep ecologies of the past, to personal intimations of compassion, the 19 poets in this anthology, among the best in Scotland, give their various all to articulate what Shelley wrote in his “The Defence of Poetry” that ‘poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world’. Thus by simply writing verse, poets use the tools of poetry – words – without threat or menace, to provide an exemplary alternative to strife, to the way we are destroying ourselves and our home.

—Gerry Loose

— Gerry Loose, May 2022

Bringing Mindfulness to Life Events

21st July in Breathing Space at the London Buddhist Centre

23rd July at the Croydon Buddhist Centre.

I you know in the London area who might like to attend one of these events, please pass on the links above.

Ah, said July— . . .

Where be the Maize—
Where be the Haze—
Where be the Bur?
Here—said the Year—
Emily Dickinson