I set up the PlaySpace in 2000, publishing a limited edition called earth, water, fire, & air – a poetic exploration of yoga and meditation;  followed by leaflet for writer’s groups which I facilitate and loosely connected to Lapidus Scotland. I published a sequence of my own poems celebrating 10 years of love & friendship, then I began to publish booklets & , pamphlets by other people. I started with the poetry of my friends in Lapidus, then a Some Simple Yoga with haiku, cards to celebrate solstices.

You won’t find PlaySpace titles on Amazon. My margins are small, so I’m not able to give them the massive discounts they expect from larger publishers. And many bookshops don’t like to stock pamphlets. I’m grateful to those who do, such as Aye Aye Books in Glasgow and the Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh. Trade Distribution is through Word Power Books.

I don’t aim to make money from poetry publishing – few can – but I’d like to cover my costs within 18 months or so after publication. Any ‘profit’ I make (I wish) gets recycled into publishing new titles. I don’t pay myself. Some PlaySpace publications aim to raise money for specific charities such as the Medical Foundation for Victims of Torture, and the Maggie Cancer Care Centre.

PlaySpace is a ‘Don’t call us, we’ll call you’ operation. Unsolicited manuscripts are returned unread, if return postage has been included.

Larry Butler
2/1, 14 Garrioch Drive
Glasgow G20 8RS