L i v i n g o u r D y i n g

Dying is part of life. How we live our dying is fundamentally important. What do we do when someone we know has died? How do we make our own dying part of our lives? Living Our Dying offers a fuller engagement with death, so that life can be rich; it offers ways to engage with pain, fear, anxiety, and loss of dreams. Dying is part of life. How we live our dying is fundamentally important.

Contributors to Living Our Dying Anthology

William Bonar: Death is just a Technical Problem and other poems on a near death experience.Sheena Middleton (Blackhall): Keening for Morgan – and other poems on the death of her son. Ted Bowman: Seeking Words for Grief including the Great Grief – seeking words for the language of loss.Elizabeth Burns: Poetry and Pain – looking at the deep links between poetry and the experience of pain.Larry Butler: Legacy, a tribute to David Donnison and the legacy he left us, Burying Burk and other poems.David Donnison: Preparing for Departure, Death as a Gift , Die-a-log Groups and other essays/reflections as well as many poems. David was the original creator of Living Our Dying.Gerrie Fellows: Three Elegies – three poems paying tribute to dear ones who have died.Alec Finlay: dictante dolor, written under pain and other poems on living with pain.Linda France:Tattoo and other poems looking at loss from different perspectives, different cultures, shifting viewpoints, the sadness of loss, the need to remember and how to express that.Valerie Gillies: Animal Endings – poems on the death of beloved pets.Dr James Hawkins:Psychedelics and End of Life Distress – an informative account of current research into how psychedelic drugs can help at end of life.Rosie Hopkins: Four Letter Word Project – an account of a collaboration between poet and artist, poems and paintings on the theme of four letter words, to raise money for a cancer charity as a memorial for the artist’s dying sister.http://paulinemcgee.com/

Pauline McGee - View (four letter word project)
Pauline McGee – View (four letter word project)

Alexander Hutchison: Everything  poem.Tom Leonard: Being a Human Being and other poems.Lin Li:Digital Legacy – thoughts on how we must now consider what is left behind as digitally stored information when someone dies.Linda Jackson: quotation from Growing and Dying, her tribute anthology to Janet Paisley,.Robin Lloyd-Jones: My Friend Death on surviving a terminal cancer diagnosis and The Triple A – living every day knowing that his wife may suddenly die from a growing aneurysm.Dr Max Mackay-James:Resources Section.Gerry Loose:An Oak Tree for Manjusvara, how gently tormentil wakes – poems.Donal McLaughlin:5 Haiku from a steady trickleIan Newton:Smoothed Slowly – working as a sculptor of stone memorials, each one carved with sensitive attention to the deceased, to their particular story.Dr Pat Roche:Talking About Pain. How demystifying pain can really help; a chapter looking specifically into acute and chronic pain.Janet Paisley:Mindin, Water of Lethe, poems.Kim Stafford: The Good Time – reflections on how his brother’s suicide affected the family; It Was All Easy – a chapter on trying to understand his father’s death.Em Strang:If I Die Sooner Than Later – a reflection on how the current pandemic of Covid 19 has brought us all closer to confronting death.Suria Tei:Unspoken – an unsent letter written to a mother after her death.Sheila Templeton:Living Will and other poems. co-editor of Living Our DyingMary Troup:Now Is The Time – Reflections on the power of live music to enhance health, wellbeing, joy and peace in end-of-life care.Steven Vass:Heidivass.com – An account of his building a memorial website for his daughter Heidi, who died of leukaemia a few weeks before her 5th birthday.Brian Whittingham: Cheering and Stomping poem commemorating the 71 children who died in the Glen Cinema tragedy of 1929 and Slowness has becme my new best friend, poems on the experience of having a stroke.Jayne Wilding:Suicide– an account of the lasting effect suicide has on living family members.

memorial stone by Ian Newton
memorial stone by Ian Newton

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What’s Missing from Living our Dying:

Retirement and Leaving an Institution

Psychedelics – end of life distress