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Living Our Dying Workshops

Living Our Dying3

“I love this beautiful book. It will not only help you to die a good death, it will strengthen you to live a good life” Richard Holloway

The second edition is now available and for Glasgow citizens, we are offering through LapidusScotland, a series of 8 week courses based on the book. The next coursewill be in Spring 2023.

In the Spring PSP will publish a pamphlet – an annotated bibliography guiding readers to places (books, films, websites, podcasts, exhibitions, support groups) about subjects not included in the book or only scantly mentioned such as talking to children about death and still births, dementia . . . . We invite all readers and contributors to Living Our Dying to send us their ideas and suggestions by end of January 2023.  Sheila Templeton and Sukhema
(aka Larry Butler) will edit these into a 30 to 40 page pamphlet as an accompaniment to the book

Walking Writing Talking (Kelvingrove Park) book on Eventbrite                                   15th October 10:30 to 12:30

A walk with Sukhema (aka Larry Butler) i.m. Brian Whittingham (1950-2022)


       Mindfulness & Expressive Writing Retreat


There are still space!

Stop and rest, and appreciate the goodness of life, despite it all.

Honour your feelings in response to your own suffering and the suffering in our world.

Connect with your heart felt values and gain new perspectives, seeing with new eyes.

Enjoy the process, letting go of striving for results.

Write from the body, in stillness and movement

Write from immersion in nature

Trust the imagination to surprise you with new insights

Gain clarity about what you can do in solidarity with others                                                                                                 
to make positive changes for your self and for our world

Who: Ratnadevi and Sukhema (aka Larry Butler)

When: 14th to 19th November 2022

Time: starting
from 4pm on Monday and ending after lunch on Saturday

Where: Myres Castle in Fife

Cost: £430.00
(apply for concession)

Numbers: The retreat
is limited to 14 people