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MoragThe Great Listener – Morag Anderson

Sad News: Morag Anderson, editor of Bundles of Bog Cotton died  on 27th May. It’s said the meaning of life is to find your gift, and the purpose of life is to to give it away.  By those measures, Morag’s life was full and successful.  I had the privilege of conducting the memorial service at the House of an Art Lover.  Here are some extracts from the eulogy written by her family.

“Morag was born in Glasgow in 1948, in her early years her family moved to Dundee, she attended Lawside Academy and some of her school friends from then are here today. She went on to study at St Andrews University and obtained her degree in English and Medieval History…..”

“She traveled widely and back home enjoyed Tai Chi, her morning coffee at John Lewis, meeting friends for lunch and walks. She enjoyed visiting theatres and ballet. She was an avid reader and became an accomplished creative writer; developing and honing her skills in the writing group at the Maggies Centre; a talent that she put to good use when editing a book called Bundles of Bog Cotton which was published by my small press PlaySpace. The sale of this book raises money for the Maggie Cancer Care Centres …..”

“Morag had shown great determination and strength during her various episodes of cancer and ill health. When she was told that her cancer had returned for the fourth time and that it was terminal, she was devastated, frustrated and disappointed. She still had so much living to do. Morag passed away very quietly with loving family by her side. It was her 69th birthday…..”

A force to be reckoned with…..

“Behind a deceptively fine and slight physique there was a strong character. Morag was self possessed and fearless. She took on powerful people, including god-like consultants, most often proving her point, and always giving pause for thought. And if her dander was up, she was a force to reckon with.”

“She and I shared a love of custard tarts, statement scarves and footwear – we always took time to admire each other’s shoes. At the first breath of spring – usually a pretty cool one – she’d arrive at Maggie’s in killer sandals, and I’d compliment her on her bravery as well as her style. She also became my book guru: if she recommended a novel, I was sure to like it too.”  (an extract of Pat Sutherland’s tribute read at the memorial)

This time next year, with permission from Morag’s family, I will publish up to 30 pages of poems and letters by Morag along with codas from her family and friends.  The sale of this book will raise money for Childline and Maggie Cancer Care Centres.


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And I’ve written the latest blog which will be the basis for an event at the Creative Bridges conference in Bristol….



The Flavor of Unity – Post-Election Poems (fourth edition) – Kim Stafford

Kim sent me the first edition in January: a wee green 40 page booklet all written after the election of Donald Trump.  I liked it so much I ordered 20 copies and gave them away to friends, and I’ve just ordered another 20 copies.  You can buy one from PlaySpace for £4.00 including postage.  Here’s the title poem:

The Flavor of Unity

El sabor que nos hace unidos.

The flavor that makes us one cannot be bought
or sold, does not belong to a country, cannot
enrich the rich or be denied to the poor.

The flavor that makes us none emanates from the earth.
A butterfly can find it, a child in a house of grass, exiles
exiles home at last to taste wind off the sea, rain falling
into the trees, mist rising from home ground.

The flavor that makes us one we must feed
to one another with songs, kind words, and
human glances across the silent square.