Bundles of Bog Cotton

Bundles-Bog-Cotton-Cover-Smallnot to lose the joy of living
in the fear of dying
Maggie Keswick Jenks

an anthology of poetry, stories & anecdotes from Maggies Cancer Care Centres
selecting editors Morag Anderson and Terry Durkin
140 pages
£8.00 (£1.80 p&p)
proceeds go to Maggie Cancer Care Centres

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It says the unsayable.
Gives voice to the voiceless.
It’s a lifetime’s work –
It’s where the impossible
Becomes the possible.
It takes us out of ourselves
From Why Writing by Victoria Field

Some people find that they can use writing as another tool in their kitbag for dealing with the changes they are going through . . . . Others find that it can help them to ‘park emotional stuff’ or literally to deal with pain.
Jayne Wilding, Maggies Dundee and Fife

“This book is a mind-opener as well as
a locus of solidarity for the cancer affected” Tom Leonard.