PlaySpace New February 2023

What’s Missing? from the book Living Our Dying

In April 2023, PlaySpace will publish a pamphlet, an annotated biography, a continuation of the Resources Section in Living Our Dying, to be a companion to the original book. It will be called What’s Missing? And it will guide readers to places about subjects not included in the book, or only scantily mentioned…such as talking to children about death…still births…dementia…death of trees and any other topic which is missing. If you know of a website, a book, a podcast, a film, an exhibition, an article, a support group on themes which you think are missing from the original book, please send them to by the 5th March. We would welcome a few sentences explaining why you’ve chosen to send it.

Launch date: 25th April at the CCA Clubroom in Glasgow

DIVING IN to inspire & transform our writing

Sat, 18 February 2023, 10:00 – 16:00 GMT Eskdalemuir Community Hub Eskdalemuir Eskdalemuir DG13 0QJ

“I love all people who dive. Any fish can swim near the surface,
but it takes a great whale to go down-stairs five miles or more.”
Herman Melville

DIVING IS A FORM of free writing. The word or phrase with which you begin is your jumping-off point. Once you write it, let it take you anywhere it wants to; follow it faster than the speed of understanding. You are descending through the waters of your mind, leaving logic and propriety behind for the sake of exploration.

Part of the day will be devoted to giving and receiving feedback about our writing that can lead to insight and transformation towards a second or third or fourth draft.

Please bring your favourite writing materials and a short piece of your own ‘unfinished’ writing (prose or poetry). If prose up to 500 words, or a poem of 40 lines or less. We will share these in small groups following the attached guidelines. It would be helpful if you familiarise yourself with these guidelines before the workshop.


“The mind is so hospitable that thoughts and feelings
are coming and going incessantly bringing in their wake
incremental changes.” John Ashberry


15th March 15 March 2023 at 6.45pm. Featuring Jim Carruth and Naomi Shihab Nye

Walking Writing Talking

I.M Brian Whittingham and Leela Soma

“One step at a time, sweet Glasgow” – One word at a time. Quantum Listening. During and post covid, Lesley O’Brian, Juana Adcock, Christie Williamson, Sukhema (Larry Butler) and Brian Whittingham led walking/writing groups in Lynn Park, Kelvingrove Park, Gartnavel Hospital grounds,Botanic Gardens, River Kelvin, Dawsholm Park, Cuningar Loop, and the River Clyde . . . . A selection of the writing will be published and launched on the 15th March as part of the Lapidus Scotland AGM – book here

Turn to gaze at the moon: Tai Chi, Poetry and Meditation

22 Sep to 29 Sep 2023 – a residential retreat led by Sukhema, Jayaraja, and Linda France

Turn to Gaze at the Moon is a retreat for expanding our horizons through integrating the language of the body and the language of the heart. Together we will gather the intention to open to the body’s wisdom and find balance between mind and feeling. Taiji, writing & poetry have much in common: form, structure, sensitivity and a striving towards wholeness. Each move in taiji is a metaphor. The structured forms provide an inspiring backdrop for the weaving of rhythmic patterns with words.

Thoughts, like clouds, come and go: inspired by the mountains, loch, sky, moon and stars, we will combine writing with movement and mindfulness in a mosaic of interconnectedness for our own wellbeing and for all living beings everywhere.

Playing with whatever arises from our practice, we will rediscover the ground of our kindly awareness, just one facet in the larger dimension

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