How Ripples Happen

How Ripples Happen cover

a sequence of four rengas by Larry Butler & Ratnadevi composed while travelling and on duo retreats, 2012.  20pp

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A very positive review of How Ripples Happen

“I just wanted to let you know that I gave my mum you and Ratnadevi’s ripple book for Christmas.She went into hospital on Monday for a hip operation on Tuesday morning.There was a loud ticking clock and lots of thought running round her head and she just couldn’t sleep at all. She had books but couldn’t bear to read. Luckily she had brought the ripple book and read your poetry for ages and it really helped calm her. She read it again yesterday after the operation and again it really helped. She hasn’t been a big poetry fan – like many people I think she associates it with boring poems from school. However you and Ratnadevi’s renga has really touched her.”