Ratnadevi (Luise Holtbernd PhD) is an ordained Buddhist and mindfulness teacher, trainer and retreat leader; co-founder of Living Mindfulness; certified coach; facilitator of the Work that Reconnects and avid practitioner of NVC (Nonviolent communication). A long-term, active interest in the creative arts informs her style of teaching and writing, trusting in emergence from a place of rootedness coupled with pliability. Her first degree is in music (studying piano, cello and rhythmics) and she did an arts-based PhD at Dartington College.

a sample poem from earth, water, fire, air

your body surrounded
by water cushioning
the force of gravity
liquid joints
pivoting smoothly
movement rippling
through supple spine

Bringing Mindfulness to Life

A gifted writer, she turns abstract ideas into living words that draw the reader onward and inward. This is a wonderful complement to classics such as Radical Acceptance, and full of value for our too-hectic world. Rick Hanson, PhD, author of ‘Hardwiring Happiness’ and many other best-selling books.