Words Work Well for All

A collection of writing and art from the Lapidus Scotland project ‘Words Work Well for All’


About Healing, Who Can Speak?

This is a true anthology, from the Greek anthos, ‘flower’, and  –logia, ‘collection’: a gathering of flowers. The editors have collected choice poems, and extended that choice to other writings in prose, to create a flourishing garden where the reader may wander and gather at will. The writers speak clearly to us of experiences that have been lived: a deep knowledge of human nature is reflected in their lines….

They are records of ideas which attempt to re-direct body, mind and soul to healing. Carry these flowers to energise your own healing quest.                                                                                      (from the foreword by Valerie Gillies)

edited by Frances Ainslie

ISBN: 978-0-9573340-7-6

Price £5.00