PlaySpace Newsletter mid-February 2021

Great to see so many people at the launch of the Unfinished hut Big apoolgy for those people who couldn’t get into the zoom link and got stranded in the waiting room. That must have been very frustrating. Most of the launch was recorded here pw +2gBNu6p and this will stay on the cloud until the beginning of March

Geri Chavis: Remarks on The Unfinished Hut by Gerry Loose

Reading “The Unfinished Hut” left me with a sense of peace, satisfaction, and reflectiveness. I quietly sipped its free associational, authentic collage-like, at times, haiku-like, celebration of hutting, a new and welcome term in my vocabulary. Gerry Loose‘s description of “a hut” as “symbiotic and organic” reflects the content and style of this book. . . read more here

and here is an unfinished review of the unfinished hut by Linda France

Dance of the Elements – taiji, poetry & meditation retreat

The retreat begins at 7:20pm on Friday 5th March and ends at 5:30 on Thursday 11th March
This week of Tai-Chi, writing and meditation will trace our intimate relation to the dance of the elements: Earth, Water ,Fire, Air, Space, and Consciousness – with an overall theme of impermanence. Whatever arises from our practice we will use to play with the reality of our inter-connectedness, write about it and share our stories. 
The retreat takes place over Zoom but taking care to avoid stress and strain. All the writing exercises will be off-screen – people focusing on their notebooks. And during meditations, we don’t have to look at the screen, we listen and often close our eyes. We can be flexible about comfort breaks, but have them approximately every hour in natural transitions. The light daily programme is designed for the home, knowing that some folk may have other responsibilities to fit around it. Meanwhile those free to do so can schedule additional practice in their own time. 
Go to this link to book and get more information:
Please pass this message on to folk you know who might like to attend this retreat.