PlaySpace news June 21 – Living Our Dying

The pre-launch of Living Our Dying took place on 13th May- If you missed here’s a link to download the recording of the Launch.–7f0Bl/view?usp=sharing

About a quarter of the book is written by David Donnison, who was in the first “die-a-log group with me – he and I co-founded the group which had emerged from a writing group I started with his wife Kay Carmichael focussing on creative words to promote well-being. Our “die-a-log group” emerged out of what we called “The Bank Street Writers”.  The purpose of the die-a-log was to meet and discuss themes of death and dying.

David started the book based on conversations in our group, when he died I agreed to finish it and commissioned 28 other writers – most of them well-kennt Scottish writers – to contribute and invited Sheila Templeton – also a member of the Die-a-log group to co-edit the book. 

The book – Living Our Dying – is now complete ready for design, typesetting, proof-reading, printing and distributing.  We have launched a crowd-funding appeal for pre-sales to help cover design, typesetting and printing costs. We would welcome your support in promoting pre-sales of the book.  

Dying is part of life. How we live our dying is fundamentally important. What do we do when someone we know has died? How do we make our own dying part of our lives? Living Our Dying offers a fuller engagement with death, so that life can be rich; it offers ways to engage with pain, fear, anxiety, and loss of dreams. Dying is part of life. How we live our dying is fundamentally important.  

Please send this appeal to people you know who might support Living Our Dying and of course benefit from reading the book – particularly to your contacts in Scottish Literature.
Living Our Dying Appeal 

Thank you for your support   Larry Butler & Sheila Templeton  editors of Living Our Dying

PS. We’ve reached our target of £6000. Any further pre-sale pledges will increase the number of copies print.

This image of the cover is a first draft – designed by Nicky Melville from a painting by Pauline McGee. This PlaySpace Publication will be an imprint with Rymour books with cover and design by Ian Spring.