PlaySpace News February 2021

The Unfinished Hut by Gerry Loose Launch event on 16th February 2021 7:30pm

0n-line registation here

a short reading followed by a slide show then Q&A

Autumn Voices: I AM BECAUSE WE ARE

If you know me – Larry Butler – you might like to contribute a “patch” to this evolving Unbuntu Project. Send me a message to and I will send you an invitation.

Giving Sorrow Words

A Giving Sorrow Words podcast with Valerie Gillies and Larry Butler will soon appear on the Scottish Poetry Library website. And there will be similar workshops offered later in the Spring.

Living Our Dying

There’s a demand for an insightful short book on how to live fully our dying.  The more we talk about death the more we live. Dying is part of life and it is fundamentally important how we live it and what we do when someone we know has died. We live in a society where people struggle to look death in the eye.

We die. That may be the meaning of life.
But we do language. That may be the measure of our lives.

Toni Morrison

Authors: Sheena Blackhall, William Bonar, Ted Bowman, Larry Butler, David Donnison (deceased), Gerrie Fellows, Alec Finlay, Linda France, Valerie Gillies, Dr James Hawkins, Rosie Hopkins, Alexander Hutchison, Tom Leonard (deceased), Lin Li, Robin Lloyd-Jones, Gerry Loose,  Dr Max Mackay-James, Ian Newton, Janet Paisley (deceased), Dr Pat Roche, Kim Stafford, Em Strang, Suria Tei, Sheila Templeton, Mary Troup, Steven Vass, Brian Whittingham, Jayne Wilding

Editors: Larry Butler and Sheila Templeton

We plan to launch a crowdfunding appeal for this book in the Spring.

Covid Comfort Renga

second limited edition now available.