PlaySpace News April 22

Bringing Mindfulness to Life’ by Ratnadevi has sold out of the first edition, so we’ve printed a second edition.

In a wonderfully warm and inviting voice, Ratnadevi brings mindfulness down to earth and into the heart.

Rick Hanson

You will get the chance to glimpse the world anew through her sensitive perspective and you will emerge all the richer for that. Vidyamala

Here’s a link to a five minute film about the book. Over the Summer, Ratnadevi will be offering events based on the book at various places around the UK including Newcastle, Manchester and London

“I love this beautiful book. It will not only help you to die a good death, it will help you live a good life.” Richard Holloway

Living our Dying is almost out of print. We are about to publish a second edition. A few copies of the first edition are still available reduced from £15.00 to £10.00 until end of May 2022. Living Our Dying is now offered as a series eight weekly workshops. The first series is almost over, the next will be offered in September. Linda Jackson was a guest facilitator and after her workshops she wrote:

“The workshop was intimate and generous of spirit in the sense that those involved were comfortable sharing very personal traumatic and painful histories as well as the joy they had known with those they had lost. I was acutely aware of the enormous capacity for empathy and wholehearted emotional engagement between everyone there. Above all  –  an atmosphere of acknowledgement and healing.”

PlaySpace will soon launch selected recordings on youtube read by the contributors.

Walking & Writing in Glasgow with Sukhema in May & June