Margaret Donaldson (1952 – 2012)

margret A weegie through and through, Margaret was a clinical/communitypsychologist with a keen sense that love and laughter are what holds us together. A poet, storyteller, teacher, humanist celebrant, these poems jog the memory and stir the heart. Her ambit was wide and continues in the friendships she helped to forge. In the Hospice towards the end of her life, Maggie’s her eyes lit up with pleasure to see whoever was visiting, as they always did. ‘It’s been great fun, hasn’t it?’ she’d say with a smile. That’s what it was like to be with Maggie. She inhabited the place which John Lennon imagined – where joy, in life and in friendship, is always in abundance and the World really is One.

A sample extract from Jacob an’ the Angel:

Aye, ye bastard, ‘n’ you woke us a’ up
AND in the middle o’ the night too
an’ the weans were jist aff to sleep
an’ there you were struttin’ and shoutin’
“wir gonna go” and “wir gonna go NOO”.
Sodd’n and sore we wis, crossin” the Jabbok
“A wee burn” you ca’d it.  “A WEE BURN!!!”
Damned near drowned, we did.