Brushes with War

brushes with war

ISBN: 978-0-9573340-7-6

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Brushes with War was a powerful exhibition that ran from September 2018 through to January 2019 in the Kelvingrove Art gallery and Exhibition.

It provided a unique insight into the experience of soldiers from World War I through the drawings and paintings they created. It featured original artworks by German, Austrian, French, Belgian, British, American, Canadian, Australian and Russian soldier-artists covering all aspects of the everyday experience of ordinary soldiers – the light and dark of life in the trenches. The result is a raw and uncensored portrayal of their experiences.

100 years on, it was with this similar ethos we approached over 20 Glasgow poets to
bring their own perspective on these drawings and paintings. We allowed them to comment on anything that caught their attention and to respond in any way they felt was appropriate. Their personal responses were not subject to any editorial control and many were presented for the first time to an audience in the Brushes with War exhibition itself.  

(from the foreword by Jim Carruth

Poets: Larry Butler, A.C. Clarke, Alison Cohen, Chik Duncan, David Forrest, Charlie Gracie, Trisha Heaney, Michael Hough, Vicki Husband, Susan Mansfield, Rosie Mapplebeck, David Moffat, Kay Ritchie, Mark Russell, Finola Scott, MT Taylor, Rachel Tennant, Mary Thomson, Dai Vaughan, Christie Williamson