Bank Street Writers

Bank Street Writers was a Lapidus Scotland group meeting at the home of Kay Carmichael & David Donnison in 23 Bank Street, Glasgow, Scotland. For five years they met in their kitchen around a large oval table with seldom more than eight people – always with an ample supply of nibbles and cakes, hot and cold drinks. They wrote, laughed, cried, read each others’ words, told stories until Kay died in the last days of 2009. For her wake they published a booklet of Kay’s poems with the title: “It takes a lifetime to become yourself” (make a link to this publication); and the group continues becoming themselves through writing at David’s new house in Cranworth Street.  In memory of Kay’s Kitchen, they continue with the name Bank Street Writers.

Sample poem from Kay’s Kitchen


Today some children left their clogs out for St. Nick.
He comes, and brings a tangerine, a sweet, a cinnamon stick.
A year on now, where are we all as the light becomes dark?
The shortest day draws near, the year tilts on. Dear Kay,
your snapshot hangs beside us – proud – we think on you with love,
the treasures from your kitchen, a bright december, peaceful dove.

Janine Fitzpatrick